June 07, 2016

On-boarding Millennials

Summer is fast approaching, so now is a good time for employers to start thinking about hiring summer interns. Once your interns are chosen, however, comes the time-consuming issue of on-boarding them successfully. 

Developing the very best processes will ensure the fastest, most efficient on-boarding for your summer interns. This will help them make a positive impact on your business from the start. It may also turn them into superfans of your company.


Know your audience

The on-boarding of millennials raises lots of questions: How should the intern on-boarding process differ from on-boarding permanent employees? What do interns expect at the beginning of their internship?

The millennial generation are notoriously reliant on technology. They are impatient and expect everything to be accessible at the click of a mouse or the tap of a fingertip. They are easily influenced by the opinions of their peers and quick to share their own views via social media.

So beware the damage that could be caused by a disgruntled or disappointed intern. More importantly, making a good impression on your interns will help you retain and attract the best upcoming talent for future hires.


First impressions count

How does on-boarding tie in to all this? The on-boarding process is the intern’s first experience of your company, and in many cases, the corporate world as a whole. It’s important it doesn’t become an off-putting, complicated and confusing one. You need to provide them with an on-boarding process that is linear, clear and efficient. That way you can get the most out of your interns from the very start.

From day one summer interns should feel welcomed and well-prepared for their time ahead. But due to their limited experience, young hires often have lots of additional queries about the on-boarding process – everything from pay and holiday accrual to timesheets. You want to remove this headache (for both parties) by providing a single, dedicated point of contact for these questions.


Be slick and professional 

More critically, it’s quite likely interns will never have been through background checks before. But they will expect to be able to upload their documents online, hassle-free.

Are your on-boarding documents available online for interns to sign electronically? Can they upload key documents via their smart phone or tablet? Does it provide a slick, professional experience from job offer to first day and beyond?

Having such a streamlined and integrated approach will leave you free to welcome your interns properly on their first day, rather than leaving them to read and sign lengthy documents. By taking care of the paperwork you can focus on ensuring they quickly become productive members of your team.


Leave it to the experts

If you don’t have these systems in place, you would do well to partner with a dedicated provider – one that will take care of the aftercare process. This can include managing contract extensions, paperwork and timesheets - often a tricky business with interns.

You will want an on-boarding partner who can accelerate the on-boarding process without overwhelming your new intern. Ideally, this is a company which can:

  • Take care of all the screening and on-boarding administration at competitive turnaround times
  • Offer an efficient and consistent process across all new hires, customisable to fit your company’s needs. This might involve including copies of company policies in welcome packs or conducting international background checks where necessary
  • Ensure all steps of the end-to-end process are completed, removing the confusion and worry for both your company and the new employee



By outsourcing your on-boarding to a dedicated on-boarding and vetting team, you will reduce unproductive time at the beginning of a new hire’s employment; get rid of complicated and time-consuming IT processes; improve turnaround times and the accuracy of the data collected from new hires.

Ultimately, you will have a happy intern. And one keen to be an advocate for your employer brand.


Jenny Smith, Divisional Manager, Core-Asset Verify




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