Resignation Letter Template

What should you include in your resignation letter? We often get asked this question by candidates, so we've made one available for you to download.

Below, we've also include a short Q&A on what else you might need to know about the resignation process.

Download our resignation letter template

Download a free Word version of our resignation letter template

What else do I need to know about the resignation process?

There is no one-size-fits-all resignation process, so the answers below should be used only as a guide. If you are about to resign, we would strongly recommend you check your employer’s leavers policy and follow the documented process laid out.

Why is a resignation letter required?

It is professional etiquette to submit a resignation letter to your line manager.

What should I include in my resignation letter?

For ease, you can download our free template which covers all the main points. But essentially you should confirm your reason for leaving, the amount of notice you are giving and your proposed end date.

How much notice should I give?

It should be no less than the notice period stated in your contract of employment.

Do I need to provide a resignation letter if I’m in a temporary or contract role?

A resignation letter is appropriate for both permanent and contract positions. If you are in a longer term temporary position a formal resignation process should probably be followed.

Do I need to write a formal letter or is an email sufficient?

Submit a letter and hand to your line manager. An email is impersonal. However, if you don’t work in the same office as your manager, an email might be the only option.

Do I also send one to HR?

Depending on a company’s leaver policy and procedures, some organisation request that you submit to HR and/or via a people management system.

What should I expect to happen after I’ve handed in my resignation letter?

You should receive acknowledgement from your HR department – either in the form of a letter or email – but, again, this is dependent on your company’s internal procedures.

This acknowledgement is likely to confirm key details such as agreed end date and next steps, including holiday balance, benefits closure, any contractual obligations, and in some cases details about an exit interview or survey.

Do you have any other advice on how to resign?

We've also written about the best way to conduct yourself during the resignation process. Read it here.  

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